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Welcome To ABC Scaffrail 

Suppliers of Domestic and Industrial Handrail Systems, 
All Edge Protection and Working Platforms

We supply to builders and roofers and do installations for domestic and industrial purposes
At ABC Scaffrail we aim to dramatically decrease workplace injuries. Our products create a safer workplace and reduce the risk of falls with guard rails and other safety measures.

Safety is of paramount concern to both employers and employees, builders encounter risks every day, working on rooftops and scaffolding can be highly dangerous. We cover the Mornington Peninsula and ALL areas including City Wide Metropolitan Melbourne, give ABC Scaffrail a call today to discuss your safety needs.
Reliable, Quick Response and On Time!
Scaffrail’s patented designs have been fully engineered and tested to comply with the Workplace Health and Safety Advisory standards for work on roofs. The unique strength and safety aspects of the Scaffrail system are supported by an erection and dismantle service dedicated to helping you meet your deadlines. On your directions, Scaffrail Roofing and Construction Safety Rails are installed by our fully trained and licensed installers. They always arrive as arranged. This means roofing and other tradesmen can commence their work safely and precisely as planned. The rails are removed promptly on your advice, allowing other trades to proceed without delay.

The Scaffrail bracket quickly locks to any size rafter. Three point positive fixing is achieved giving excellent strength and impact absorption properties.
The unique arm and elbow system can be configured to clear around all fascia and gutter sizes it also offers full strength in ‘through the roof’ or other installation variations. The vertical posts which support the rails and adjustable to suit varying roof slopes and rail heights. The rounded edge rails slide into position and are locked by linch pins.
A strong perimeter barrier is created once all components of the Scaffrail Safety Rail System are in place. No element can be accidentally dislodged or removed.
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